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The Best Underwear For Running

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The Best Underwear For Running

We’ve all been there, searching through our underwear drawer for the usual workout underwear (and praying it’s not already in the wash). Finding the best underwear for running can be frustrating, and relying on the same pair for every run isn’t the answer – so we’re here to make life easy for you and show you the best women’s underwear for running. Now you can focus on that next PB, and feel comfy doing it.

The Best Underwear For Running

Best Anti-Chafe Underwear For Running

It’s about time we broke the chafing cycle and chose underwear that our thighs can agree with. Picking the best anti-chafe knickers means understanding why we chafe. It’s all to do with friction, so choosing underwear with fabrics that can reduce friction is important.


The Best Underwear For Running

Run out of ideas to stop chafing? Tried all the chafing sticks and still no luck? Choose underwear with coverage and be done with the TikTok life hacks involving baby powder and endless roll-on deodorant. Running underwear with more coverage, like boxer briefs, provides a protective layer of ultra-soft fabric between your thighs. Now you know what to look for in anti-chafe knickers. Let’s get into the details.

Most Comfortable Running Underwear

Girls, we hear you. Running underwear should be comfy – you want it to feel supportive and snug without being too tight. So many women have to use sports underwear that isn’t fit for purpose and as a result, gives our runner girlies the ick. We know this can ruin your workout, so we’re going to walk (or run) you through the best running knickers that are comfortable too.

A Comfy Fit

Being comfy is always priority number one for setting your pace on a long run – but to be comfy, you have to find the best-fitting underwear. Running underwear has to fit your body and shape effortlessly, and it’s never one-size-fits-all. What’s comfy for lounging around isn’t always comfy for running or working out. Honestly, comfortable running knickers are down to the individual – some women prefer running briefs, others a running thong. The possibilities are endless, so we recommend a trial-and-error period. Test out some cotton thongs or some bamboo briefs and see which feels best. Feeling comfy is feeling sexy, and who doesn’t want that in a workout?

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Best Materials For Running Underwear

The Best Underwear For Running

This is a BIGGIE. How distracting is it when you’re running and feeling uncomfortable? That’s why choosing running knickers with the best fabrics is so important. Discomfort is distracting, so let’s look into the best materials to look for in your next running underwear purchase.

The Right Fabrics

Running is hard work. Don’t make it harder by choosing fabrics that aren’t right for you. Some fabrics can hold smells and moisture, fray and cause chafing, or even rip, and nobody wants that. For the best combination of softness and durability, we recommend bamboo running underwear, which as a bonus is much more sustainable than most other materials. What’s not to love?

Best Breathable Underwear For Running

Sweating is good – it means your workout’s working. With breathable running underwear, it’ll *literally* be a breeze, and you won’t have to worry about moisture trapping. Win-win.

The Most Breathable Running Underwear

The Best Underwear For Running

Your breathing is one of the most important things to focus on to complete a killer run. Well, your running knickers are no different – and the design of your sports underwear must allow breathability in the right places. Non-breathable running underwear can retain moisture and create environments where bacteria can thrive. The best and most breathable running underwear is made from lightweight materials such as cotton and bamboo, so look for those when you’re adding to basket before your run.

Best Underwear For Running On Your Period

Finding the best underwear for running on your period is soooo important – from leakage and stains to all-round comfort, it’s got a lot to live up to. We’ve got you covered with the best recs.

No More Code Red

Exercise helps period pains. Say it louder for those in the back. Why let your period stop you from running or working out? If you’re looking for the best underwear for running while you’re on your period, you should consider two factors: coverage and flexibility. This is so you can cover and contain your chosen sanitary products comfortably while you’re on the move. If you’re a pad girl, make sure your running underwear has enough material in the gusset to contain your pad comfortably – because when you start running, you don’t want any uncomfortable folding or bunching. Bamboo Briefs are ideal in this instance, but it’s all down to how you feel. We’d advise testing a few underwear styles yourself for the best fit and feel.

Love, Lounge x

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