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“Oud Fool Roses”, “Bubble Forever” and “Beast Love”: The New Eaux de Parfum From Montale

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The French perfume house Montale unveils its three latest fragrances: the feminine compositions “Oud Fool Roses” and “Bubble Forever” as well as the unisex fragrance “Beast Love”.

Oud Fool Roses: An oriental seduction

The first new addition, “Oud Fool Roses”, offers an intense, oriental reinterpretation of the floral-sweet Eau de Parfum “Roses Musk”.

Dive into a mystical whirlwind of tangerine and roses, where each note tells an enchanting tale. Step into the captivating allure of Oud Fool Roses, where mystery meets seduction.


In the opening, sensual, floral-sweet accords of Taif rose merge with the citrusy freshness of tangerine. The heart of the composition is dominated by the deep, woody notes of oud, enveloped by the balsamic and leathery nuances of labdanum and the powdery aura of white musk.

"Oud Fool Roses", "Bubble Forever" and "Beast Love": The New Eaux de Parfum From Montale

“Oud Fool Roses”, “Bubble Forever” and “Beast Love”

Beast Love: A sensual alchemy

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Beast Love, a unisex fragrance where skin becomes the heart note, revealing a unique sensual alchemy. Laissez-vous emporter par le charme envoûtant de Beast Love.


The composition of the unisex fragrance “Beast Love” starts with a fruity-sweet top note of pear and plum, accompanied by the sparkling freshness of Sicilian bergamot. At the heart, the powerful presence of black leather is revealed, rounded off by the spicy, aromatic and woody accents of white cedar.

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Bubble Forever: Playful femininity

The third creation, “Bubble Forever”, promises a journey into a world full of sweetness and lightness, inspired by chewing gum.

Discover Bubble Forever, an enchanting fusion of fresh orange blossom and the sweetness of pear, evoking the scent of bubble gum. Indulgence unfolds in a gourmet symphony where vanilla, caramel, neroli, cinnamon, jasmine, rose, musk, and amber harmoniously blend, sculpting a pastel pink bubble of femininity.


The composition opens with a sweet opening, characterized by Williams pear and the floral nuance of neroli. As the fragrance develops, it evolves into a floral, spicy blend of cinnamon, Egyptian jasmine blossom, Bulgarian rose essence and orange blossom. The fragrance concludes with warm notes of amber and white musk, enveloped in caramel and the exotic aromas of vanilla.

The new fragrances are available in flacon sizes of 50 and 100 ml.

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