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The Embrace of a Winter Sun: “Flower Ikebana Mimosa by Kenzo”

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Japanese label Kenzo unveils “Flower By Kenzo Ikebana Mimosa”, a new floral fragrance for women that celebrates the delicate and velvety aura of mimosa.

This floral, powdery fragrance immerses us in the warm embrace of a radiant winter sun.


The Embrace of a Winter Sun: "Flower Ikebana Mimosa by Kenzo"

Flower Ikebana Mimosa by Kenzo – Kenzo

In “Flower By Kenzo Ikebana Mimosa”, the citrusy sweetness of kumquat (dwarf orange) is combined with the velvety floral elegance of mimosa absolute. The composition is carried by a warm accord of fresh hinoki wood, complemented by the silky and slightly fleshy texture of sesame extract.

The perfume is a creation by Marie Salamagne, who wanted to create a velvety and enveloping fragrance experience. As the successor to “Flower Ikebana by Kenzo” from 2023, it continues the Japanese fashion house’s “Flower by Kenzo” collection. The popular perfume line first debuted in 2000 with “Flower by Kenzo (Eau de Parfum)” and combines Far Eastern elements with French style.

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The mimosa is a genus of plants in the legume family and blooms in a wide variety of species in tropical and subtropical regions. Although it looks delicate, the mimosa is surprisingly robust and hardy. Since 1946, the mimosa has been the official symbol of International Women’s Day in Italy, making it a tradition to present women with yellow mimosas on March 8.

The new fragrance is available in bottle sizes of 40 and 75 ml.

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