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All-Day Vanilla: The new fragrances “Vanilla 08:00” and “Vanilla 12:00” by Francesca Dell’Oro

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The Italian label Francesca Dell’Oro unveils “Vanilla 08:00” and “Vanilla 12:00” the first unisex fragrances in a new collection that pays tribute to the sumptuous diversity of vanilla.

Four precise times of day.
Four fragrances entirely dedicated to vanilla.
ALL DAY VANILLE, the new exclusive project by Francesca Dell’Oro Parfum, debuts with its first TWO chapters, between Morning Candido and Midday Explosive.

Francesca Dell’Oro

A tender morning – Vanilla 08:00

The collection kicks off with “Vanilla 08:00” – an oriental, gourmand ode to the stillness of the morning and the first rays of sunlight falling through the window.

All-Day Vanilla: The new fragrances "Vanilla 08:00" and "Vanilla 12:00" by Francesca Dell'Oro

Vanille 08:00 – Francesca Dell’Oro

Imagine a soft and gentle awakening. A cloud of vanilla glides over the skin like a gentle caress, like the first morning kiss between white sheets and the shy light coming through the shutters. The inspiration for this fragrance is the idea of bright white vanilla combined with fresh candied almonds and sunlight accords that create creaminess and a caressing touch on the skin.

Francesca Dell’Oro

The fragrance opens with a fruity, invigorating blend of pear, mandarin, pink pepper and a warm solar note, followed by a sensual, sweet heart of bourbon vanilla and caramelized almonds. Floral accents of iris and peony add a delicate floral note, while the base of tonka bean absolute, ambroxan, musk and white cedarwood gives the composition a sweet, warm depth.

Sunny midday hours – Vanilla 12:00

The gentle morning is followed by the fruity-oriental, gourmand fragrance “Vanilla 12:00”, which is intended to capture the energy of the midday hour.

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All-Day Vanilla: The new fragrances "Vanilla 08:00" and "Vanilla 12:00" by Francesca Dell'Oro

Vanille 12:00 – Francesca Dell’Oro

Midday is the center of the day, the sun is at its zenith, the air is filled with energy and liveliness. The glamorous and playful atmosphere makes every resolution sparkle, a kaleidoscope of vivid and irresistible sensations unfolds. How can you not be seduced by an overdose of gourmand?

Francesca Dell’Oro

In the top note, fruity accords of apple, pear, mandarin and white peach blend with the citrusy freshness of bergamot. A creamy-sweet ensemble of bourbon vanilla absolute, vanilla CO2 and cream then unfolds in the heart, complemented by notes of freesia and rose, which lend the fragrance a subtle floral quality. A warm base of ambroxan and cedarwood round off the fragrance experience, enveloped by the sweet nuances of tonka bean, caramel and macaron.

Francesca Dell’Oro

Francesca Dell’Oro, the founder of the fragrance label of the same name, only discovered her calling in the world of perfume after her career in the fashion industry. Driven by great curiosity and a deep love of fragrances, she spent the following years deepening her knowledge in numerous courses and studies on the precious raw materials that form the basis of exquisite scents. In 2011, Francesca fulfilled her long-awaited dream and founded her own perfume line. Three years later, in 2014, her first fragrances were launched on the market.

The new fragrances are available in 100 ml bottle sizes.

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