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How to Make an Easy Picnic That Transports You to France

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A pepper-crusted flank steak and French potato salad anchor this summery menu from David Tanis.

With fair weather settling in and summer on the horizon, what I want to serve friends is a bright, sort-of-French pique-nique spread. In France, with cheese shops, bakeries and fine prepared foods available in every neighborhood, it’s easy to have an impromptu picnic — at a park, in the woods or on a river bank — at the drop of a (straw) hat.

All of the dishes here are strikingly Francophile. But as a colleague mentioned to me, it’s not fancy or fussy, it’s just good, simple French food. I see it as a buffet, served in the backyard with everything at room temperature, though it could also easily travel to the beach. And if you get rained out, it’s still delicious indoors.

I want vegetables at my picnic, so there are two salads in this menu.

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Recipes: French Potato Salad | Cherry Tomato
and Green Bean Salad

First is a straightforward, old-fashioned French potato salad with chives and tarragon. Medium waxy potatoes are boiled and peeled, then thickly sliced, then coated in an easy dressing. A generous dribble of fruity extra-virgin olive oil is customary.

Then, there is a colorful green bean and cherry tomato salad, finished with a black olive dressing. For the best result, choose the smallest green beans and the sweetest cherry tomatoes. The dressing, made with Niçoise olives, capers, anchovy and garlic, is similar to a Provençal tapenade. The beans and tomatoes benefit from a short bath in the mixture. Add arugula or other salad greens just before serving, if you wish.

Recipe: Pepper-Crusted Flank Steak

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