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As a tattoo artist, I’m always on the lookout for unique tattoo supplies. Recently, I stumbled upon JCONLY and although they are were new to me, they have 15 years of experience designing cartridge needles and tattoo machines. Their claim was bold: to stand out in a sea of tattoo supply brands. Skeptical yet curious, I decided to give them a shot and get to know the brand.

Let’s dive into what sets JCONLY apart, why they’ve joined hands with TattoosWizard, and why every tattoo artist should have their “JCONLY VETAR” cartridge needles in their toolkit.

Specialists in Tattooing Innovation: An Introduction to JCONLY

When I landed on the JCONLY website, I wasn’t greeted with flashy banners or over-the-top claims. Instead, the website embraced simplicity, which felt oddly comforting. It was like walking into a familiar artist’s studio – you’re there for the art, not the frills.

Navigating through their products was a breeze, and I appreciated how each product had clear details, down to the nitty-gritty specifications. The lack of unnecessary jargon made me feel like JCONLY focuses on one thing: being the best at what they do. And that is mostly cartridge needles and wireless & pen tattoo machines.

Brand Philosophy

With 15 years of dedication and growth, JCONLY has solidified its presence in the tattoo equipment industry. They are committed to enhancing the tattooing experience for professional artists by continually elevating the quality of their products. 

At the core of their philosophy lies the conviction that “Innovation Only for Tattooing” encapsulates their commitment to the art of tattooing and their profound respect for the artists behind it. By prioritizing comfort and quality they have gained the trust and respect of world-class tattoo masters who recurrently use their main products. 

Innovative Products

Fueled by a diverse team and core technology, they provide unparalleled service and technical support. Their goal is to empower tattoo artists with top-tier products, allowing them to focus on their craft. JCONLY’s devotion is what allowed them to make their brand a worldwide reference.

JCONLY offers a diverse range of products within the cartridge needles and tattoo pen machines category. Their selection encompasses a variety of machines tailored to different price points, allowing tattoo artists to choose equipment that suits their preferences and budget. These tattoo pen machines are designed to be compatible with universal cartridges, ensuring flexibility for artists to use a wide range of needle configurations. 

The Star Product: JCONLY VETAR Cartridge Needles

As someone who’s been on both sides of the needle quite a few times, I know the difference quality needles will make. And that’s why I share my results on my long quest to find the best cartridge needles on the market. 

And as usual, I decided to try them and ordered a Sample Box…and I was truly pleasantly surprised. 

The needles glided smoothly, delivering ink like a whisper. The lines were clean, and the shading was impeccable. I could tell these needles were crafted with care, designed for artists who know the difference between good and exceptional.

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VETAR is the name of JCONLY’s cartridge needles and they are amazing. 


You ship needles for all types of needs: they have Round Liner & Round Shader; Magnum & Curved Magnum; Stipple Shader and even the Sample Box.

If you want to see a review of their product, check our the video below:


Shipping Beyond Borders

Now, let’s talk about shipping. We’ve all been down that road – waiting weeks for an order that’s apparently “on its way.”

But JCONLY claimed to have swift international shipping with top-notch tracking. I couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow. I decided to put them to the test and ordered a set of their Sample Box of VETAR cartridge needles. To my surprise, not only did the order arrive faster than expected, but the tracking updates were real-time and accurate. It was almost like having a backstage pass to my package’s journey.


Join the Pro Team Program

One thing that stood out was their affiliate program tailored for tattoo artists. Now, as most of our team inks and is friends with tattoo artist, we know how cool it is to be sponsored by a big brand. And JCONLY is now extending an invitation to artists all over the world to be a part of their story.

JCONLY’s Pro Team comprises accomplished tattoo artists who share a passion for pushing creative boundaries and embracing innovation. Tattoo artists interested in joining the Pro Team can typically apply through JCONLY’s official channels, showcasing their expertise, portfolio, and a demonstrated commitment to pushing the envelope in tattooing. Successful candidates are chosen based on their skill, creativity, and alignment with JCONLY’s philosophy of “Innovation Only for Tattooing,” thus becoming ambassadors of the brand’s forward-thinking ethos.

TattoosWizard has also been building a partnership with JCONLY in order to create a space for artists to thrive. So if you’re an artist looking for a sponsorship, reach out to us and we’ll make sure JCONLY receives your application 


Join the Conversation: Follow JCONLY on Instagram

In the era of social media, staying connected is easier than ever. JCONLY invites you to join their artistic journey on Instagram. Follow them for a daily dose of inspiration, sneak peeks into their products, and a community of tattoo enthusiasts who share your passion. It’s more than just a follow; it’s an initiation into a world of artistry.

Plus, you’ll be the first one to know about their occasional discounts!

In conclusion, JCONLY is definitely a brand I’ll continue using and I felt they have everything to become a beacon in this space. Their international shipping is clean and quick, they got an awesome affiliate program for rising artists and their flagship product, the VETAR cartridge needles, has proven its mettle.

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