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A Sicilian Summer: The New “Mandarino di Sicilia” Eau de Toilette From Acqua di Parma

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The Italian label Acqua di Parma invites you on an olfactory journey through the sun-drenched landscapes of Sicily with its new unisex fragrance “Mandarino di Sicilia”.

A luminous fragrance that carries the Mediterranean sun within it.

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The composition opens with the clear, fresh and fruity aroma of green mandarins, surrounded by tangy bergamot, lemon and blood orange. At the heart, spearmint and petitgrain merge with the citrus accents before merging into a warm, spicy-sweet base of patchouli, cedarwood and musk, which further enhances the green feel of the fragrance.

A Sicilian Summer: The New "Mandarino di Sicilia" Eau de Toilette From Acqua di Parma

Mandarino di Sicilia – Acqua di Parma

A new creation in the “Blu Mediterraneo” collection, “Mandarino di Sicilia” (“Sicilian Mandarin”) celebrates the Sicilian way of life and the warm, sun-drenched landscapes of the island. The most popular fragrances in the collection inspired by the Italian Mediterranean include “Mandorlo di Sicilia” from 1999, “Fico di Amalfi” from 2016 and “Bergamotto di Calabria” from 2010.

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The flacon design in shades of blue is inspired by Art Deco elements and is intended to reflect the clear beauty of the sea.

Milan Design Week 2024: ‘Into the Mandarin Fields’
From April 15 to 21, 2024, Acqua di Parma is presenting the installation “Into the Mandarin Fields” as part of Milan Design Week in collaboration with Fornice Objects. This is located in Via Gesù 1 in Milan, the location of the company’s own boutique. Visitors can immerse themselves in an immersive environment with colorful totems reminiscent of the landscapes of mandarin fields. The event celebrates the launch of the new fragrance “Mandarino di Sicilia” and the presentation of the limited edition “Mandarino Millesimato 2022”.

The fragrance is available in bottle sizes of 100 (3.4 oz) and 178 ml (6 oz).

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