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The New Eaux de Parfum From Maison Tahité: “Arabican Rose” and “Vanilla Park”

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The Italian niche label Maison Tahté unveils two new unisex fragrances that promise both oriental elegance and playful sweetness: “Arabican Rose” and “Vanilla Park”.

Arabican Rose – An oriental ode

Arabican Rose enchants the senses by transporting you to an enchanting landscape typical of oriental gardens with its mesmerizing charm and refined elegance. 

Maison Tahité

The New Eaux de Parfum From Maison Tahité: "Arabican Rose" and "Vanilla Park"

Arabican Rose – Maison Tahité

With “Arabican Rose”, Maison Tahité invites you on an olfactory journey to oriental gardens. The fragrance was created by Marie Duchêne as a tribute to the sensual world of luxury and timeless beauty.

The composition opens with a blend of elegant rose notes and sweet almond aroma, enveloped in tangy-sweet raspberry. At the heart, the floral tones of rose combine with aromatic coffee, carried by a base of warm patchouli, creamy sandalwood and sweet vanilla.

Vanilla Park – Sweet childhood memories

For those who never forget that they were children… Vanilla Park is the promise of a magical and vibrant journey into the world of Luna Park, where every note transports us to a timeless realm of sweetness and joy, a place where the art of scent merges with the essence of nature.

Maison Tahité

The New Eaux de Parfum From Maison Tahité: "Arabican Rose" and "Vanilla Park"

Vanilla Park – Maison Tahité

“Vanilla Park”, a creation by Lucien Ferrero, takes you on a scented journey back to childhood and the magical world of an amusement park.

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The composition opens with woody and floral notes of heliotrope and camphor tree, complemented by the fruity freshness of mandarin. The heart unfolds with the rich, creamy sweetness of vanilla absolute CO2 and classic vanilla. The base is characterized by warm, deep notes of Siam benzoin and styrax, surrounded by a sweet cotton candy accord and exotic coconut milk.

Maison Tahité

The idea for Maison Tahité was born during a creative workshop attended by perfumers such as David Maruitte, Paul Guerlain, Luca Maffei, Lucien Ferrero and Marie Duchêne. The resulting name “Maison Tahité – Officine Creative Profumi” translates as “Creative Official Perfumery”. In addition to three themed Eau de Parfum collections – “Vanilla”, “Cocoa” and “Coffee” – the company offers lines for room fragrances and bath additives. 

As an advocate of sustainable luxury, Maison Tahité relies on ecological materials such as recycled cardboard, plant-based glue and paper made from almond shells. The amber-colored glass bottle and minimalist labels pay tribute to the aesthetics of traditional pharmacies. Each package also contains a planting card that customers can use to sow flowers themselves and thus make a small contribution to environmental protection.

The new fragrances are available in bottle sizes of 100 ml.

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