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The Lingerie Capitals of the UK

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Which cities in the UK buy the most lingerie?

At Lounge, we love underwear all year round. From treating yourself to buying a gift, lingerie is always in hot demand. During holidays like Valentine’s Day and Christmas are times we see a lot more underwear in our shopping baskets, but we wanted to find out which UK cities are the most obsessed with lingerie all year round (like us!).

By analyzing our sales data, site users, and Google search volumes over the last year, we’ve discovered the lingerie capitals of the UK. We’ve also taken this one step further and found which lingerie styles our Loungers are shopping for, from thongs to boxers.

The UK cities that buy the most lingerie

The Lingerie Capitals of the UK

Newcastle upon Tyne is the most lingerie-obsessed city

Newcastle ranked highest when it came to browsing lingerie and were the second-biggest purchasers over the last year, earning them the title of the UK’s lingerie capital.

Leeds came in second with the fourth-highest lingerie purchases per capita and fifth-highest number of searches. Wolverhampton completes the top three UK lingerie capitals with the most purchases for lingerie over the last 12 months, however, they were 14th for browsing for lingerie, giving them third place overall.

With southern cities only having three spots in the top ten (Plymouth, London, and Cambridge), our study found that the north and the midlands are bigger buyers of lingerie.

So, now we know who buys the most lingerie – but, what lingerie are they buying?

The UK cities that are the biggest buyers of thongs

The Lingerie Capitals of the UK

Plymouth shoppers buy the most thongs

Thongs were found to be the most popular underwear style across the majority of the UK. However, with the highest number of purchases per capita, Plymouth takes the top spot as the UK city that favors this underwear most.

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At Lounge, thongs are our specialty, from the everyday cotton thong to ultra-sexy silk, so shout out to our Plymouth Loungers who seem to love thongs as much as we do!

The Lingerie Capitals of the UK

The UK cities that are the biggest buyers of briefs

The Lingerie Capitals of the UK

Aberdeen is keeping it brief

Briefs are great for those who prefer a little more coverage, and Aberdeen buys the most. Some may think briefs aren’t sexy, but at Lounge, we disagree! A brief doesn’t mean you have to be fully covered, with high-waist, cut-out, and open-back briefs to choose from, you can be sexy and comfortable at the same time.

Following Aberdeen are Plymouth and Wolverhampton, these three cities have bought the most briefs over the past year.

The Lingerie Capitals of the UK

The UK cities that are the biggest buyers of boxers

The Lingerie Capitals of the UK

Oxford ticks all the box-ers

Commonly associated with men, boxers are growing in popularity amongst women also. The comfy underwear provides full coverage, and Oxford, Milton Keynes, and Plymouth are the biggest buyers.

The Lingerie Capitals of the UK

The UK cities that are the biggest buyers of g-strings

The Lingerie Capitals of the UK

For Leeds, it ain’t nothing but a g-string

The barely there underwear is a firm favorite in Leeds, having the highest number of purchases over the past year. G-strings provide minimal coverage and are great for when you want to avoid a VPL (visible panty line).

The Lingerie Capitals of the UK

Whichever style of bottoms you prefer, explore our collections in a variety of colors, fabrics, and cuts. If you fancy a whole new wardrobe for your bottoms, check out our bundles where you can mix and match with our exclusive offers!


Using our internal sales data we analyzed which cities in the UK had bought the most lingerie and the number of each style (brief, boxer, thong, and g-string) over the last 12 months. We then standardized the data by calculating the purchases per capita.

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