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Tattoorism – Are you a Tattoorist?

by белый

Photo by Taylor Harding on Unsplash

As you probably guest, Tattorism is a play on words, fusing the terms Tattoo and Tourism. 

It means a tattoo you make when you are traveling somewhere.

We’ve been thinking about this term and found two types of tattoorism.

Active Tattoorism

When you travel with the point of getting a tattoo. Here’s a few scenarios of when this happens:

  1. Jean travels to St. Petersburg because she wants to attend the Tattoo Festival and get some fresh ink from local Russian artists.
  2. Joan travels to Seoul in order to get a minimalist tattoo form Ziv. 
  3. Joana wants to travels to Thailand because she is a Buddhist and wants to get a Sak Yant tattoo using the traditional methods.

What makes these examples active Tattoorism is that the point of the trip was to get new ink, and the “consequence” was the travel per se.

Tattoorism – Are you a Tattoorist?

Photo by Mesut Kaya on Unsplash

Passive Tattoorism

One the other hand, when the Tattoo happens in addition to the travel, we call it passive Tattoorism. Again, a few scenarios of when this happens:

  1. James visited South Africa and he loved the place so much that he decided to get a tattoo in order to engrave the experience. 
  2. Jacques enjoys coming back from a trip with a new tattoo representing the place he visited, so in his last visit to Portugal he got a caravel on his leg with a local artist.
  3. Tiago is road tripping with he’s friend around the USA and, when they crossed Milwaukee, they all decided to get a Traditional American style (aka old school) tattoo.
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Both traveling and tattoos are both realities that became frequent and accessible to the general public only quite recently so it’s only natural that these two sometimes go hand in hand.

But remember that whether you’re traveling to get a tattoo, or getting one while travel, make sure to do it safely and allow a healthy healing process. This is one of the biggest challanges people face when making a tattoo away from their homes towns.

So, what are you thoughts? 
And did you ever have Tattorism experience? 

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