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Interviewing Mikhail Nechaev – Minimalism & Sketch artist

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Finding balance

Sooner or later, people of creative professions begin to understand – it’s time to move on towards new horizons. The exact same thing happened to the hero of our article, a tattoo artist Mikhail Nechaev. Clients from all over the world dream of getting a tattoo from him because Misha’s works are full of minimalism and every line is accurate to the millimeter. And the owners of tattoo studios are always happy to invite Nechaev to collaborate with them.

Interviewing Mikhail Nechaev – Minimalism & Sketch artist

During this interview, Misha confessed more than once: he is not a public figure at all. He says that his works talk for him better than he does. It is no coincidence that linework and dotwork were chosen as his style. Nechaev has always loved simple, geometric images. After all, even with the help of simple forms, you can do something complex and original. This is the philosophy of Misha’s work.

“I’m not just creating a drawing, I’m also emphasizing the uniqueness of the person. Everyone who comes to me is trying to change their lives, to get rid of their complexes, even just to capture some important moment with a tattoo. It is very valuable for me when a person shares his thoughts, emotions, and experience with me. This means that we managed to make the contact. If the process captures both the client and the artist, the tattoo will be a success.”

Interviewing Mikhail Nechaev – Minimalism & Sketch artist

Misha remembers getting his first tattoo when he was nineteen. Even then, his sketch was carefully chosen and modified with the help of Misha’s tattoo artist. They tried to make it as unique as possible. I must say that Nechaev uses the same method with his clients. He never creates a sketch of a tattoo in advance. A detailed online conversation goes first, the next step is a personal meeting. And just before the session Misha creates a sketch. He works on the right size and place of the tattoo.

“Sometimes clients come to me with a vague idea. Then we’re trying to finish it together. Or a person knows exactly what he wants, because he saw it on someone else and wanted to do the same. I don’t mind if such a tattoo really harmonizes with person’s appearance. But sometimes the tattoo doesn’t fit in at all. This is where the joint work begins: I offer some of my own options in order to keep the idea, but to change the shape so the tattoo could be associated with this particular person.”

Interviewing Mikhail Nechaev – Minimalism & Sketch artist

Nechaev was a frequent guest at major tattoo conventions. «It is a great way to show your own skills, share experiences.» says Misha. Tattooing is getting closer to modern and digital art. The point is easily illustrated by the style Nechaev works in. Strict and simple forms can be found in painting and architecture. Designers create minimalist interiors realizing that they are the future.

“A few years ago, a fine line tattoo wasn’t an easy thing to do. But everything is changing — new equipment and ink appears. Now you can make art on the body with high precision. It is clear that the tattoo artist’s experience is important here. But I do have and continue to gain it. At the same time, I clearly understand that just being a good tattooer is not enough. A modern tattoo artist is both a photographer and a psychologist. If you can’t find an approach to your client, probably nothing good will come out of it.”

Interviewing Mikhail Nechaev – Minimalism & Sketch artist

However, such incidents are rare for him, as it is easy for Misha to find a common ground with anyone. Besides, many people have already discovered his Instagram and now they know exactly what they need. Nechaev works mainly in Germany now. But he also receives a lot of requests for booking in other cities and even countries. Misha says that many American people and studios want to collaborate with him.

“I believe that a tattoo can bring the necessary balance in person’s life. If, for example, a client gets some kind of quote, it’s not just a set of letters, it’s a life rule. As for me, of course, I want the tattoo to look spectacular and impressive. It is also something important and even intimate for a client. So I have a very responsible task to reveal the unique characteristics of the client. At the same time, the tattoo should complement the appearance not conflict with it. Architects build houses to last for centuries. My mission is more modest — to make a tattoo that will accompany a person through his life.”

Interviewing Mikhail Nechaev – Minimalism & Sketch artist

What’s next? — you may ask. I am sure that Misha answered this question a long time ago. He will move to a place where his own ideas wouldn’t be limited by any framework, circumstances and stereotypes. Nechaev has a lot of ideas, there is no doubt about it. Maybe this is the very balance that we’re trying so hard to find?

Interview by Judith Pill

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