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Discover Finding Foxtale: Where Fashion Meets Storytelling Magic!

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FashionDiscover Finding Foxtale: Where Fashion Meets Storytelling Magic!

Step into the enchanting world of Finding Foxtale, where fashion meets imagination in a brand-new adventure designed especially for young girls. Led by the visionary Kimberly Inskeep, the creative mind behind the renowned women’s clothing brand Cabi, Finding Foxtale is set to make its grand debut this month, igniting a revolution in childrenswear that transcends the digital age.

Discover Finding Foxtale: Where Fashion Meets Storytelling Magic!

Determined to steer young girls aged four to nine away from the allure of social media, Inskeep embarks on a journey to merge her profound fashion industry expertise with the narrative genius of author Madeleine Hewitt. Together, they weave tales of wonder set in the magical realm of “Foxtale Forest,” bringing to life five captivating characters whose adventures unfold in beautifully illustrated storybooks. From these enchanting narratives springs forth a collection of kids clothing inspired by the characters’ whimsical attire, available for purchase alongside their literary counterparts. Each garment purchase comes bundled with its own storybook, ensuring that every little girl becomes part of the magical tale.

Discover Finding Foxtale: Where Fashion Meets Storytelling Magic!

But the magic doesn’t stop there. Finding Foxtale transcends mere fashion; it’s a movement. Across the nation, pop-up events beckon girls and their families to join in the fun, fostering connections and cherished memories amidst activities and games inspired by the beloved Finding Foxtale universe. As Inskeep passionately asserts, it’s not just about style—it’s about forging genuine relationships and embracing the timeless values of honesty, joy, and friendship that lie at the heart of every Foxtale adventure.

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Fueling this mission is the Tales of Joy Foundation, Finding Foxtale’s philanthropic arm dedicated to spreading happiness to underprivileged children worldwide. In its inaugural initiative, the foundation partners with an orphanage in Kenya, providing vital support for housing and education, embodying the brand’s commitment to making a meaningful difference in young lives.

Discover Finding Foxtale: Where Fashion Meets Storytelling Magic!

Looking ahead, Finding Foxtale embarks on an exciting new chapter, with plans to expand its enchanting universe to include boys’ clothing and introduce male characters into its captivating stories. Additionally, a stunning array of girls dresses and accessories will soon grace the shelves, promising even more magic and delight for the young dreamers who dare to venture into the world of Finding Foxtale.

Experience the wonder of Finding Foxtale, where every outfit tells a tale, and every tale sparks a dream. Get ready to have fun with clothes and immerse yourself in the fantastical world of this exciting new kids fashion brand.

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