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An Ode to Luxury: Maison Scentique’s First Perfume Collection

by белый

The label Maison Scentique, known for luxurious room fragrances and handmade candles, unveils its first perfume collection with three unisex scents.

The collection consists of three unique niche fragrances that are a testament to the transformative power of scent. Join us on this fragrant journey and discover the essence of Ambra Nobile, Encens Fumé and Aqua Éternel

Maison Scentique

Encens Fumé : The essence of spiritual depth

The first fragrance in the new collection, “Encens Fumé”, draws its inspiration from ancient rituals and modern charms to embody sophistication and spiritual depth. The composition opens with a soft, spicy note of incense, complemented by black and pink pepper and fruity red berries. In the heart note, rich nutmeg and sage herbs combine with the balsamic and resinous tones of frankincense. Finally, a base of myrrh and benzoin rounds off the fragrance with a creamy sweetness.

An Ode to Luxury: Maison Scentique's First Perfume Collection

Encens Fumé – Maison Scentique

Ambra Nobile: opulence and sophistication

AMBRA NOBILE is the pinnacle of opulence and sophistication, created for those who appreciate the finest in the world of perfumery.

Maison Scentique

The composition of “Ambra Nobile” is designed to take the wearer on an olfactory journey through ancient traditions and a world of refined luxury. In the opening, aromatic, fresh notes of artemisia blend with exotic osmanthus and rich rum. As it progresses, deep notes of tobacco, patchouli and labdanum unfold, rounded off by a warm, creamy accord of amber, benzoin and sweet tonka bean, which is given additional depth by nuances of ambergris and musk.

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An Ode to Luxury: Maison Scentique's First Perfume Collection

Ambra Nobile – Maison Scentique

Aqua Éternel: The spirit of the sea

AQUA ÉTERNEL envelops you in an aura of grandeur and sophistication and embodies the spirit of the sea in a bottle. Treat yourself to this luxurious fragrance and let yourself be transported to a world of calm and serenity.

Maison Scentique

“Aqua Éternel” is designed to capture the essence of the sea. The fragrance opens with invigorating tones of sea salt, bergamot and mandarin peel and then transitions into a heart of seaweed and herbaceous notes of myrtle and violet. The base combines cedar, sensual musk and creamy sandalwood with a hint of talcum to create a velvety, powdery finish.

An Ode to Luxury: Maison Scentique's First Perfume Collection

Aqua Éternel – Maison Scentique

Maison Scentique

Since it was founded in 2018 by Svetoslav Rusev and Georgi Ananiev, Maison Scentique has been dedicated to creating luxurious fragrances. The range primarily includes room fragrances and scented candles, including hand-poured soy candles and reed diffusers, which are designed to create an atmosphere of calm and elegance. In order to offer products that are as environmentally friendly as possible, the label focuses on sustainability and high-quality ingredients during production.

The new fragrances are available in a bottle size of 100 ml.

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