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Your (Vegetarian) Spring Cooking Checklist

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Pea and ricotta frittata, sugar snap peas with radishes and mint, and rhubarb crumble make the most of the fleeting season.

On Monday, as I took a beat from gazing up at the obscured afternoon sun on the east side of Central Park, I realized something. The cherry blossom trees and the eastern redbuds that dot the landscape had finally begun flowering, their blush blooms dancing like tulle skirts in the breeze. When did that happen?

That same wonder struck me as I exited the park. Are those tulips? Daffodils? Spring comes every year on a relatively reliable schedule, and yet it always catches me off guard. Get me to a market, stat, for I am behind schedule on my pea and artichoke and radish and rhubarb consumption!

It is now that I run through my spring eating bucket list, for the season feels so fleeting and there’s much cooking and eating to do. New to that list is Melissa Clark’s one-pan recipe for creamy artichokes and peas (above), a stew that is at once bright and comforting and perfect for April’s many rainy evenings. If the spring produce is slow to roll into your market, or you’re elsewhere in the world where these vegetables aren’t in season, sulk not — Melissa’s recipe calls for canned artichokes and frozen peas, so you can reliably make it year-round.

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One-Pan Creamy Artichokes and Peas

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More peas — and soft herbs! — please. Clare de Boer heard my cries and answered them with this pistachio-colored pea and ricotta frittata. (Say that five times, it’s fun.) It’s this time of year when I feel the urge to host a slow Sunday brunch, and I can think of no better centerpiece for such an occasion.

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