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Mid-May Means Maximalist Asparagus

by белый



My recipe for seared asparagus with cashews is just the thing when you want a pan full of punchy, crunchy additions.

I start every asparagus season as a minimalist. For me, those first verdant stalks are best savored au naturel — simply roasted or steamed, with nothing but a drizzle of melted butter or olive oil, a sprinkle of salt and a squeeze of lemon. It’s just enough to amplify their grassy, herbal flavor.

But now that I’m several asparagus meals in, I’m eager to branch out. My recipe for pan-seared asparagus with cashews is just the thing when you’re ready for a pan full of punchy, crunchy additions. Filled with coconut flakes, nuts and seeds for texture and lime juice for zing, it’s a great main dish served with rice and a fried egg, or a side to accompany a simple, mellow main.

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Pan-Seared Asparagus With Cashews

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I’m especially excited to pair my asparagus with Millie Peartree’s delightful new chicken and noodles. Her recipe makes for a soupy, comforting one-pot meal that doesn’t necessarily need anything on the side, though in my book there’s always room for some nice green vegetables (written like a true mom).

For a quick one-pan meal that comes with the green vegetables built in, there’s my pork chops with feta, snap peas and mint. Meaty, golden-seared pork chops are cooked under a mound of fresh mint and sweet sugar snap peas, and topped with briny feta. The lemon at the end provides the right pop of acidity to brighten everything up.

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