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Interview with Swani – Master Tattoo Artist

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Swani is a master artist. His gift is to make the spectacular fusions between tattoo art and porcelain. So much so that some of the tattoos look like they were baked in an oven.

Interview with Swani – Master Tattoo Artist

He mixes an illustrative style, with japanese influences and fineline art often having as themes dragons, vases and teapots and oriental ornamentation. The tattoo are unmistakable and visually stunning. Some of them look like tiles, porcelain and china typically in cobalt blue.

Swani regularly travels the world tattooing in places like London, but his base is in Seoul, South Korea. Let’s get to know him a little more and how his tattoo career has been developing.

So Swani, what drew you to tattoos in the first place? 

In my early 20s, I went to art school in France. It was during that time I started to get interested in tattoo culture. There are so many methods to express art.

*Among the many ways to express art, I was very interested in the method of how art could be expressed on the human skin. But, also I was very attracted to the fact of how It can be alive and how it can be perished.

If I get to see my own art somewhere someday again in this complicated world, I think It will give me that indescribable feeling.

Interview with Swani – Master Tattoo Artist

And can you tell us a little bit about your path to becoming an artist? And how old were you when you tattooed your first client?

In 2014, First thing I decided was to go back to Korea then learn their tattoo techniques. At that time, I didn’t have that skill of looking at myself in the mirror.

I couldn’t see that I was rushing myself while I was doing them. But After I got to see and feel them lacking from my tattoo experiences, I’ve decided to drop out of school then go back to Korea to practice more.

Until now, I’m still observing, studying and challenging about other types of tattoo styles and also to accomplish my goals and focus to let my new ideas be born to this reality.

Today you have a very strong and defined style focused mostly on ornamentation, porcelain, blue ink and dragons. Can you tell us what attracted you to these styles and themes?

Personally I wouldn’t say that they are my definite style. I’m just that tattooist who’s inspired and uses oriental style as my materials to create my own art pieces. The reason why I’m using them Oriental style as the materials to tattoo is because personally they are beautiful to me. 

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Since I was getting inspired by that art style, I got to thinking about putting blue patterns on human skin just like them asian ceramic pieces. When I was starting to use the blue ink some of my customers were a bit afraid to get them all blue because it wasn’t the standard of oriental tattoo. 

Currently, I’m thinking a lot and studying about how I can express this art style in my own way and I want to work more on bigger pieces with larger scales.

Interview with Swani – Master Tattoo Artist

What would you say is for you the hardest part of being a tattooist?

The hardest part with creating new ideas for me is the part that I need to show and develop them constantly. I do enjoy that part but it is still challenging for me to create new ideas. 

Did you ever have a tattoo project that went wrong? And how did you deal with it?

When I was just starting to work on tattooing I was being greedy with pushing myself to the limit even though I couldn’t be satisfied with it. I didn’t get any complaints but I remember that I could tell my customer and I weren’t satisfied together. I still regret it a lot.

Interview with Swani – Master Tattoo Artist

What’s a funny story that happened to you with a client (or in the studio)?

This one time I was working on this design for this customer I found out that I accidentally stamped a stencil with the opposite way. We both didn’t realize that it was done with the opposite design but he was totally fine with the result and his reaction really surprised me.

How do you see your art developing in the future? 

I travelled a lot this year. I started to work more on the projects that show more harmonious with the materials I chose.

I’m really interested in the bodysuit type of scales and I want to show to people how I’m developing my art more deeply. 

Interview with Swani – Master Tattoo Artist

Do you have any ongoing / future projects you’d like to share with our readers?

Besides my tattoo projects, I want to make new projects such as ceramic arts and tile arts as an artist. It would be hard right now because of my unfinished tattoo journey but I wish it comes soon in my life.

If you could say something to all your potential / future clients, what would it be?

Often I get new ideas and new inspirations from my customers. When my customers and I both agreed on the same idea, I was always getting better satisfaction. 

I’m always open to share their good ideas and listen to their ideas. Just like they are being patient with the pain I’m ready to tattoo and create them art pieces together. 

Thank you so much for getting my art and I hope I see you guys soon.

Interview with Swani – Master Tattoo Artist


Make sure to follow Swani on Instagram @swanissober and show your love for his art.

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