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Interview with Eunyu – Watercolor Master Tattooist from Korea

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Interview Interview with Eunyu – Watercolor Master Tattooist from Korea

Interview with Eunyu – Watercolor Master Tattooist from Korea

Mário Mateus May 15, 2022 4 Mins Read

Today we’re talking with Eunyu, the responsible for some of the most harmonious, delicate and dreamy tattoos we have ever seen. 

She’s a South Korean tattoo artist making amazing colorful tattoos generally in tiny and small dimensions. She will embed in her style everything from animals, flowers and plants, to small objects, to your favorite drawing. 

She’s been growing in popularity every day and will soon surpass the 100k followers on Instagram. 

Interview with Eunyu – Watercolor Master Tattooist from Korea

Let’s get to know her a little bit better, her path to becoming an artist and dreams for the future.

So Eunyu, what drew you to tattoos in the first place? 

I graduated from art college. So it was close to painting, but I didn’t intend to make tattoos a profession from the beginning. After graduating from art college, I worked as an office worker. However, it didn’t fit the company’s work, and I wanted to do a painting job. At that time, delicate watercolor-style tattoos began to become popular in Korea, and I thought that it was a perfect fit for my painting style, and I was confident. I started learning tattoos from a friend who was working as a tattoo artist.

And can you tell us about your path to becoming the artist you are today?

I wanted to learn tattoos from a teacher with a drawing style that suits me better, so I started learning tattoos again as a private student of Sol Tattoo, a famous tattoo artist in Korea. He also worked as a member of StudioBysol. After the contract with the studio was terminated, I created and operated my own private studio.

Interview with Eunyu – Watercolor Master Tattooist from Korea

I noticed your style is very unique – why this style and how did you reach this stage?

My design reflects my interests . I like animals in nature and things that sparkle. He also draws pictures with antique objects and illustration elements. Naturally, I came to have this delicate, small-figure style.

I also know you’re an expert on cover-up tattoos. Can you tell us a little bit more about that? 

My clients ask me for cover-ups for a variety of reasons. Most of the time, it’s to cover up scars or to cover up tattoos they don’t like. There is a sense of pride in breathing new life into the cover-up, and I also feel good when a customer likes a tattoo that has been reborn more beautifully.

Interview with Eunyu – Watercolor Master Tattooist from Korea

And I noticed your tattoo work is very different from your illustration work. Can you elaborate a bit about it?

My tattoo design and my illustration work are similar but different. Because tattoos are made in a size suitable for the skin, it is necessary to refine the expression to some extent. My illustration work is more abstract because I focus on my mood and inspiration a little more. However, since they are both paintings I drew myself, it can be said that they have in common that I draw my favorite subjects.

What is your favorite type of tattoo to work on?

I have one cat, so I like to draw the customer’s cats. And I love working on fish and sea creatures designs. Because you can freely place it and it feels really good when it fits the client’s body well.

Interview with Eunyu – Watercolor Master Tattooist from Korea

What is for you the hardest part about being a tattooist?

As much as I plan my time freely, I have to pay more attention. And there are times when it is a little difficult to do everything by myself, such as customer consultation, tattoo work, taking photos, filming videos, and managing posts. However, I can work happily because the sense of pride I feel while making a tattoo is greater than that.

How do you see your art developing in the future? 

In the future, I think I will draw a lot of my illustration or painting work together. It will be held as my personal exhibition in May. And I will also work hard on tattoos. We will strive to enable more artistic design and more technically detailed expression.

Interview with Eunyu – Watercolor Master Tattooist from Korea

And I guess you got a lot of fans outside Korea. What are your plans for future travels?

I want to meet guests from various countries, but I plan to work in Korea for a few months for the time being. If I go abroad for a tattoo, I want to go to Europe.

If you could say something to all your potential / future clients, what would it be?

First of all, thank you so much for liking and paying attention to my drawings and tattoos. I will try to do better work for many clients who will meet me. And I look forward to your continued support in the future. We will be waiting for your good request, and I hope to see you in the near future. 🙂

If you became a fan of Eunyu, join us in following her on Instagram @eunyutattoo as well as her illustration account @eunyu_illust.

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