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A Romance on Lake Como: The New Perfume “Orchid K” by Ella K Parfums

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With the unisex fragrance “Orchid K” the French label Ella K Parfums invites you on an olfactory journey of love on Lake Como, inspired by the black vanilla orchid.

The moon is just a pebble among the stars in the sky. It guides my steps along the shores of Lake Como. I let myself glide, very slowly. It tingles as the waves caress my skin. On the other side of the silver mirror, time will stand still. On the other side will be you. My body drifts gently. I allow the black to take possession of me. Suddenly the embrace I’ve been waiting for carries me! You are there. And you turn this lost second into an eternity for us.

Ella K Parfums

A Romance on Lake Como: The New Perfume "Orchid K" by Ella K Parfums

Orchid K – Ella K Parfums

The composition opens with an invigorating, spicy-green top note of marshmallow, oleander, petitgrain and saffron. The balsamic-creamy note of black vanilla orchid follows in the heart, enveloped by the sweet, floral tones of jasmine, magnolia and wild rose – a tribute to the fragrant flowers on the shores of Lake Como. The journey is rounded off with warm and soft base notes of amber, sequoia, vanilla and incense, which capture the spirit of the place.

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“Orchid K” is a creation by master perfumer and founder of the Ella K Parfums label, Sonia Constant.

For Orchid K, I wanted to create a perfume around the black vanilla orchid, which was discovered in Monte Rosa in Italy. I combined it with the flowers that grow on Lake Como: magnolias, jasmine and oleander, wild roses… I added the typical gourmet notes of vanilla cannolis and marshmallows, which glisten like little clouds at the end of the skewer during our love dinners. Then I sealed the scent with the woody and majestic notes of the centuries-old redwoods from the riverfront and the scent of incense emanating from the heavy doors of the surrounding churches.

Sonia Constant

Ella K Parfums

Sonia Constant draws inspiration for her perfume creations from her travels around the globe. She selects the fragrances that resonate with her soul – from the delicate seduction of floral aromas and woody notes to memories of desert winds and the freshness of maritime breezes. In the “K Collection” from Ella K Parfums in particular, the focus is always on a special ingredient that forms the essence of the fragrance.

The new fragrance is available in a bottle size of 100 ml.

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