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Your tattoo artist isn’t answering? Here’s what you can do

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So you can’t get a response from the tattoo artist you want.

It’s a very frequent issue. And it’s also easy to solve.  

Here’s a list of the 7 main reasons why they’re not answering and the solution for each case. Let’s dive in:

Reasons why the tattoo artist is not answering

1. You’re not using the right communication channel

Some artists use Instagram as their sole medium of communication with potential clients. Other artists never even open Instagram messages. Once you understand that every artists has their favorite channel, you can do directly to the right channel and start communication with them. 


First you have to know what is your artist’s favoured medium of communication and then contact them using that medium: sometimes it’s a specific email; sometimes it’s a form on their website; sometimes it’s the form of tattoos wizard (go to any profile and click message); sometimes they only accept calls or walk-ins. 

One thing you can rely on: almost all artist clearly state what is their prefered communications method online.

2. The artist is too popular

Every artist has the same numbers of hours in a day. But some artists receive 100 requests in a year, while other receive 100 requests in a day. If you’re going for the most popular artists, it’s natural that you won’t get an answer. Specially if you have no connection to them. 


Try finding rising artists. You’d be amazed at how many amazing artists are with small followings. On Tattoos Wizard you can search based on location, style, tag and even organize them by price.

Your tattoo artist isn’t answering? Here’s what you can do

3. You’re asking for the wrong type of work

If an artist is specialized in anime watercolor tattoos and message them asking for a skull in sketch style, it’s natural that the artist won’t even waste their own time answering. 


You need to understand what the artist is interested in working on and reflect if your working is align with that. If it’s not, that ok. There’s is an artist out there for every time of tattoo

4. They’re busy

Artists are often busy people who work long hours. They may have multiple clients scheduled in a day, or they may be working on a large piece that requires their full attention. It’s important to remember that just because your artist isn’t responding immediately, it doesn’t mean they are ignoring you. They may simply be too busy to respond at the moment.


If you haven’t heard back from your artist after a few days, it’s okay to send a follow-up message or give them a call. Be polite and respectful of their time, and try to avoid sounding pushy or demanding, as you might just lose the right to work with them.

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5. They’re taking a break / on vacation / dealing with personal issues

They are human. It’s natural to take a break from time to time. They may take a few days or even a few weeks off to recharge, travel, or spend time with family and friends. If you’ve reached out to your artist and haven’t heard back, it’s possible that they are on vacation or taking some time off. They may also be dealing with a family emergency, a health issue, or other personal matters that are taking up their time and energy.


Be patient and follow up after a couple of weeks. Always be respectful and if they reply, show empathy. Creating a real connection is the best way to get your tattoo done once they get back to activity.

Your tattoo artist isn’t answering? Here’s what you can do

6. You’re too demanding or your work is not interesting enough for them

Yes, you can choose your tattoo artist. But you’ll only get a tattoo from them if they choose you back. And they have the right to not do so. 

They are not only professionals who take their work seriously, they are also artists (it’s in the name). Most of them want to create high-quality tattoos that their clients will love, but they also have their own artistic vision and style.

If you’re being too demanding or insisting on a specific design or style that your artist isn’t comfortable with, they may be hesitant to respond.


It’s important to have an open and honest dialogue with your artist about your ideas and expectations. Be willing to compromise and trust their expertise, and you’ll likely have a better tattoo experience overall.

7. You’re not sending enough information

Most artists receive very rough ideas of what the clients want. And those clients and the most likely to be unsatisfied with the end result. So after a few bad experiences, the artists stop answering to clients who contact them with half-baked ideas. 


If you want to increase your chances of getting an answer, contact them with the right amount of information to help them do their part of the work. This includes the size, placement, general idea and detailed specifications, style of the tattoo and a few photos of examples.

If you contact an artists using Tattoos Wizard, you will be led through a process that requires that data in order to message the artists, as this will maximize your chances of getting a positive answer back. 

Still need help?

Tattoos Wizard offers the only tattoo planning service on the planet.

We help you figure out your idea, putting into a design that artists can actually understand and use and we even help you contacting the best tattoo artists for the job in your area. 

Try sending us a message with your idea and we’ll follow up with solutions. 

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