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Interview with Barawski – Neotraditional Specialist

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Today we have the pleasure of sitting down with the remarkable Barawski a visionary tattoo artist who’s making a mark on the world of Neotraditional tattoos.

Interview with Barawski – Neotraditional Specialist

Barawski’s artistry transcends traditional boundaries as he seamlessly weaves elements of nature, vibrant colors, and breathtaking detail into his captivating tattoo pieces. Each design is a masterpiece, showcasing his unparalleled skill and passion for his craft.

With an impressive following of 17,000 devoted fans on Instagram, Barawski’s talent has propelled him into the spotlight as a rising star in the tattoo industry. 

It’s at the esteemed Six Bullets Tattoo studio in London that Barawski creates his stunning tattoos. From majestic animal portraits to vibrant botanical scenes, his Neotraditional pieces grab traditional tattoo imagery, such as tigers, cats and skulls, and reimagine them under a  new light.

Interview with Barawski – Neotraditional Specialist

If you’re searching for an Instagram account that will take your breath away, look no further than @barawski_tattooing.

Join us as we delve into the world of Barawski, discovering the journey that has shaped his career, exploring the intricacies of his Neotraditional style, and gaining insight into his artistic vision for the future.

Interview with Barawski – Neotraditional Specialist

1. So Barawski, what initially sparked your interest in the tattoo world? 

I’ve collected tattoos since I was young, traveled to conventions and different shops to get tattooed by different artists. During one of my travels, I met Mark Bester at a tattoo convention in Torino. He tattooed my neck and he inspired me to get into the tattoo industry. That was the moment that has sparked my intention of becoming a professional tattoo artist.  

2. And can you share the path you took to become the artist you are today?

I started my apprenticeship in Italy in 2016 where I was doing a lot of pencil drawings with a big exposure to black and grey realism. Then, I decided to go abroad because I was more inspired by the international tattoo scene, therefore I decided to move to the UK where I initially worked with Mark Bester. This is the period where I grew more and perfected my style.

I’ve been working in many tattoo shops in the last years, and now I am based in London at Six Bullets Tattoos. To me, traveling and getting to know different artists and shops has always been key to my professional development.   

Interview with Barawski – Neotraditional Specialist

3. As a successful tattoo artist, what advice would you give to aspiring tattoo artists who are just starting out?

I’d encourage people to learn the basics, study and draw as much as they can.

The most important thing is the knowledge of drawing, the rest will come on its own. At the beginning, dedicate time and effort to drawing and studying composition is important. This will give you a solid background and will fasten up your work in the future, other than allowing you to become a stronger artist. 

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4. Walk us through your tattooing process. Do clients typically come to you with their own ideas and drawings, or do they entrust you to work your magic and bring their vision to life? 

I like when people come to me with an idea, because I love to “tell a story” with the tattoo I’m going to do. Having a meaningful idea is inspirational for me, and is important for the customer.

The customer’s idea and my creative freedom will result in a great process and work; this is why I always ask for creative freedom for the design. 

Interview with Barawski – Neotraditional Specialist

5. In the world of tattooing, unexpected and humorous moments can arise. Can you share a funny story that has happened to you in the studio or with a client? 

You are right! This is gonna be funny. Once a client fell asleep during the tattoo session, and when he woke up, he farted. Of course we both started laughing 

6.  Among your extensive portfolio, is there a particular piece that you are most proud of? if so, what makes it special to you? 

I’m working on a full front, the design is a snake surrounded by chrysanthemums. I guess it is special because every session is a challenge for me and for my client, as it’s a big commitment. Also, because I particularly enjoy large scale projects and this particular one was developed with the client. Trust is a big part of tattooing and it’s very rewarding. 

Interview with Barawski – Neotraditional Specialist

7. Currently, what would you say is the biggest challenge you face as tattoo artist, and how are you approaching it? 

I guess the challenge is to do better every day. Self-improvement is always a challenge especially when it comes to art. Pushing and learning is tough in the tattoo industry, and the mind-set for constant improvement should be always looking at the last tattoo as your greatest one.

8. We know you recently launched your website, can you tell us more about it? 

Yes, my wife helped me a lot with the website. We spent time working on this project and it was great to have her involved in my work. Even though Instagram is still the main platform for many of us, I believe having my own space is better than relying only on one social media. I also think that a website tells more about your style and approach, the color chosen, the content and images reflect my personality as an artist and brand.

I’m very proud of it and we are planning to start a blog as well. In the website you can find my BigCartel link, where you can buy prints and merchandise; maybe in the future, we will incorporate the ecommerce, but for now we prefer to focus on content creation.  

Interview with Barawski – Neotraditional Specialist

9. Looking ahead, how would you like to see your work develop and evolve in the future? Are there any new techniques or styles you’re eager to explore? 

I probably would like to see myself in a shop with tattooists who are passionate about other art forms such as paints, photography and any visual art other than merely tattoos. I think that will be the push forward to explore new things and approach tattoos in different and innovative ways. 

10. If you could leave a message for all your future clients, what would it be?

When you choose to get tattooed, choose wisely. Don’t do it because it’s cool, do it because you want to represent something you love, loved or want to remember. Spend your time chasing the right artist for every tattoo you’re planning to get done, maybe someone that has been tattooed and approach the importance of tattoos in the same way. Passion before “fashion”, always.  

Interview with Barawski – Neotraditional Specialist

This was our interview with Barawski. How did you like it? Make sure you follow him on Instagram @barawski_tattooing. You can also buy his art at 


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